The Para-Real Safari Series

You're invited the Para-Real Safari Series. Over three events in Fall and Winter, join the livestream or participate directly in a playful exploration of the Para-Real that will widen your understanding of the potential available in immersive digital spaces.

Despite a year of relentless corporate-driven hype, the "metaverse" remains sterile and lifeless. With almost unlimited resources at their disposal, the body-horrors proposed by big tech has already narrowed the Overton window in a anti-user direction and influenced our ability to imagine new possibilities.

Away from the slick tech demos and crypto-hijacked attempts at 'lore-building' is a chaotic Para-Real culture of art, satire, immersive play and exploration of identity. In three Para-Real Safaris, New Design Congress, C/O Digital and participants will explore what is possible today in spaces that are designed and assembled through a shared commitment to social interaction, expressiveness and play in the Para-Real.

Event details

There are three Expeditions between September and November. Find more details about them and RSVP here.