A relationship-based
digital identity system

Drawing inspiration from our work into digital identity, our friends at Ink & Switch have protoyped Backchannel: an alternative point of view on digital identity that is collaborative, user-friendly and resistant to attack.

The New Pornographers

An analysis of consumer tech review media.
In collaboration with Components.

Design Ethics?
No Thanks

Why design ethics will never change the world, and what we can do instead.

Reimagining Digital Infrastructure

A conversation between Cade Diehm and AltspaceVR cofounder Gavan Wilhite on digital regionalism and exploring new practices via alternative forking. For REROUTE.FM

The Para-Real:
Finding the Future in Unexpected Places

A collection of livestreamed expert interviews conducted with members of resilient subcultures. A major component of our research into alternative economic models and new forms of digital identity.
In collaboration with ReclaimFutures.

Aesthetic Flattening

A new essay co-authored with Jaz Choi that defines the context collapse of user experience. Originally published in ACM Interations 2021.


A discussion with Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst on Weaponized Design, security, vulnerability, and the dangers of embracing Web 3.0 technologies.

Critical Futures Tech

A conversation with Lawrence B. Almeida on how the Silicon Valley's technology ethics movement deflects deeper criticism of societies.