A relationship-based
digital identity system

Drawing inspiration from our work into digital identity, our friends at Ink & Switch have protoyped Backchannel: an alternative point of view on digital identity that is collaborative, user-friendly and resistant to attack.

Design Ethics?
No Thanks

Why design ethics will never change the world, and what we can do instead.

Reimagining Digital Infrastructure

A conversation between Cade Diehm and AltspaceVR cofounder Gavan Wilhite on digital regionalism and exploring new practices via alternative forking. For REROUTE.FM

The Para-Real:
Finding the Future in Unexpected Places

A collection of livestreamed expert interviews conducted with members of resilient subcultures. A major component of our research into alternative economic models and new forms of digital identity.
In collaboration with ReclaimFutures.

Aesthetic Flattening

A new essay co-authored with Jaz Choi that defines the context collapse of user experience. Originally published in ACM Interations 2021.


A discussion with Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst on Weaponized Design, security, vulnerability, and the dangers of embracing Web 3.0 technologies.

Critical Futures Tech

A conversation with Lawrence B. Almeida on how the Silicon Valley's technology ethics movement deflects deeper criticism of societies.