The Para-Real: A Manifesto

The Fragile Green Future

A field report from the NDC team's trip to the European Forest Institute’s Scientific Seminar in Barcelona.

Rare-Earth Ceasarism

We must reinvent the fundamentals upon which technology is built, lest they further enable reactionary power structures and their ringleaders.

Memory in Uncertainty: Web preservation in the polycrisis

A major research report on the threats and opportunities for web preservation practice and tooling in a multi-crisis world.

A New Platform For NDC

Browse our new research platform and support us by becoming a founding NDC Member.

The Para Real

A research series about subcultures and solidarity networks building livelihoods in spite of platform exploitation, austerity and crisis. Produced with C/O Berlin.

The Imperial Sensorium

By dismantling the world built upon the nuclear order and cybernetics, we might be able to build real, local and just responses to crises.
An essay by Benjamin Royer.

Expectations as Reality

On the collapse of the Western Art and Design School.
A guest essay by Silvio Lorusso.

Toward Re-Entanglement:
A charter for the city and the Earth

New Design Congress is proud to co-author a charter for the healthy and regenerative re-connection of human activity with the Earth’s natural systems. Presented with Bauhaus Earth at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City, 9-10 June 2022.

The Limits to Digital Consent

Understanding the risks and limitations of ethical consent and data collection for underrepresented communities.

Digital Resilience & War in Ukraine

New Models interviews Cade Diehm about digital infrastructure resilience in a time of network upheaval as the world responds to Russia’s escalation of the war in Ukraine.

Rethinking Digital Identity

Drawing inspiration from our work into digital identity, our friends at Ink & Switch protoyped Backchannel: an alternative digital identity that is collaborative, user-friendly and resistant to attack.

NDC x Adam Greenfield

A provocative discussion with author Adam Greenfield on digital infrastructures and power.

Leave the surveillance economy—together

Self sovereign creative infrasturcture fon collaboration, events and community. Designed by New Design Congress and partners for non-profits, communities and organisations whose work depends on visually engaging and safe public spaces.